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Welcome to livingopenhanded.com!

I started this blog as a place to pen the musings that popped into my head while I folded laundry, cleanedchildren, cooked dinner, or did a variety of other activities. When my life became a little more crazy and a lot more challenging, this blog (or the previous iteration) quickly became the place where I could corral my thoughts on being a medical mom, herbal remedies, science, medicine, and where I could publish a host of other intentional writings. 

I hope you enjoy seeing a little bit of my life, and forgive the rambling I am so good at,


About Veronica

I was raised in the Sierra Nevada foothills, where my childhood provided me with a diversity of experiences that shaped my rather eclectic adult self. From raising and slaughtering animals, gardening, splitting and stocking cords of wood for the winter, building fires for wood heat, and learning to use garden grown herbs for food or remedy, to cooking family recipes, reading Greek philosophers, immersing myself in literature, reading the dictionary and encyclopedia “for fun”, and developing a love for Christ, my school years were rich with learning opportunities. 

 I met and married my husband in my early twenties, and we settled in the Central Valley of California, where we lived the quintessential “Modern American Dream” with dad working, mom at home with kids, owning a home and dog, and attending church. 

Then life got a little complicated. Our third child was born with multiple medical diagnoses, our first house lost all its value in the housing market crash, and my husband was fired while our son was in the hospital. That precipitated a little bit of a life-crisis and I quickly learned that my previous life experiences weren’t so basic, that life is a complex, beautiful mess, and in order to enjoy it to the fullest, I need to live with my hands always open to give and to receive. 

I still live in the Central Valley, and I’m still married to my wonderful husband. We have three kids, two dogs, an aging house, and rarely enough time in the day.


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