So, the last four Aprils/Mays have been unusually difficult.  In 2010, I was suffering from debilitating pain, and ended up having vascular surgery that May to address the problems. Then in 2011, we were counting down the days until Littlest’s birth, and I was trying to prepare for something I had no idea how to prepare for. Then 2012 and 2013, April has been fairly difficult medically for Littlest, with life/death things and surgeries, and long hospital stays. Needless to say, April has not been my favorite month for a while. The last 10 days, God decided to change that. The last 10 days have been chock-full of generosity towards us in ways we had never imagined. Or dreamed.
On March 27, I woke up to this little FB message from a dear friend

I know it’s early on the west coast, but make sure you check Instagram when you can. I tagged you in a post and you’re getting a wicked awesome Lily Jade diaper bag!! It couldn’t go to a more wonderful mommy. Love to you on this day – I hope it’s a lovely one for you and yours. ~Jo

Jaw drop.
Me? Really? I was shocked. Amazed. I got on and checked my IG account and there it was. I then browsed Lily Jade and When I started chatting with the owners via email (Hi, L and M!), I fell in love with them just a bit too. I debated forever between the two bags, then between the brandy or the red. I finally chose the red. Caroline. Outlet (in stock, and yeah, they *said* there was imperfection. I can’t find it). I got it in the mail yesterday.
L claimed the outlet bags have these imperfections that make them unable to meet his standards. I think he’s bluffing; this bag is absolutely stunning. The leather is buttery and supple. The baby-bag is perfect. The POCKETS. People. The.pockets. I filled it up. I still have empty pockets! What am I going to do?


There are 16 pockets on the “baby-bag” which is essentially a diaper bag insert that goes into the designer purse style exterior. I still have empty pockets here. EMPTY POCKETS. I usually have to double or triple layer items in pockets, it will be so nice to have designated pockets for items!

I should have counted everything, but besides his diapers/wipes, there are trach supplies (gauze, ties, HMEs, suction catheters, saline “fish”), gtube supplies (extra extension, syringes), feed and water bottles, medications, alcohol wipes, medical implant information, emergency medical information (not pictured), glucose monitor, catheters, medical tape, and various tubes of ointment. The suction machine *does* fit, but it makes it too unwieldy, so I’m actually going to be getting a manual suction which we wanted to have anyway, this just provided the impetus to actually *order* the stupid thing. (Littlest also doesn’t need suctioning quite as often as he used to, so I’m more comfortable with a manual pump vs. the massive electric one we have.) Mystuff Once I put all of Mac’s stuff in, I emptied my purse and put my things in. I realized too that I have trimmed down my “necessities” drastically, I used to actually fill up a purse back before I had to carry 20 lbs. of kid stuff around. I love that I can also use this as a camera bag, and it is “stay open” for ease of slipping my lenses or CF cards in and out. I didn’t pull out the big-camera for these pictures, (and yes, that’s J’s phone as a stand-in for mine), but I’m planning on putting the camera in this bag tomorrow because Oldest is becoming a communicant member of our church.

Also, remember that Upsee I talked about? Well. We were blessed by a bunch of our amazing friends and gifted the funds to cover the purchase of one. I’ll be ordering it on Monday when it goes on sale. I’ I’m still kind of  speechless about it, but I’m sure I’ll have a *very long blog post* about it when it really sinks in. My most coherent phrase to my dear friend who informed me of the gift was

Ok. Wow. I’m. Yeah. Wow.

Articulate, no?
May your week be just as beautiful as it can be. ~+V

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