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So my last post was about waiting, and then I had a bunch of blog posts started but nothing written well enough to publish for over a year. Welcome to waiting, V style!

We have had a full and BUSY Summer/Fall/Winter of 2017-Spring/Summer of 2018. Oldest and Quietest had their first full year of public school, and we are SO happy in that choice. They both worked through bullying issues, they came through challenges in the classroom, and both ended the year with a 4.0 GPA. We aren’t grade focused at all, but it was nice to have our homeschooling journey be validated with how well our children adapted to the public school material. We didn’t do any big trips, but over Easter 2018 we went to Humboldt County in Northern California and I was able to introduce my kids and Joel to some of my most favorite spots from childhood. A quiet summer at home, and now we are five weeks into the school year. Oldest is in Jr. High (7th grade) and Quietest is in 5th. They’re both doing pretty well, it’s an adjustment for Oldest this year since he has six classrooms to visit and his brain is not naturally organized when it’s focused on learning. Haha. Quietest’s challenge this year is managing all her extra-curricular activities with homework: both older kids are taking a biomechanics course, and Q has choir and piano lessons. She thrives with the music, and I’m so happy seeing how much they both are doing SO well with STEM projects and focused courses. 

The second week of school, Littlest had a major orthopedic surgery to hopefully enhance his quality of life and make some of his daily care more easily accessible. We are currently on week four of an (originally) 6-8 week body-braces (instead of spica cast except… he can’t wear the braces now because of pressure wounds/deep tissue injuries, so we’re trying to keep his surgery effective without bracing or casting (the casting wouldn’t allow ANY visual of his skin, so it’s never really an option for the super-crazy-sensitive skin he has). So between wound care, and stretching exercises, and coordinating the day-nurse for his *normal* cares (which, that’s a whole ‘nother story), I have been rather overwhelmed.

Added to the daily cares with Littlest, my body has decided to take a vacation from working functionally, so I’m having to adapt daily life around a body that can no longer function on even a remotely normal level. This has been the most frustrating thing by far over the last few years, and I’m still trying to figure out how to write about it without whining. Ha!



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