Littlest posed with me for a picture, then decided to kiss me, and then he reacted to the kiss with the scrunchy face. Such a clown!

I think it’s pretty safe to say, Littlest has passed the baby stage. He is an 18lb., paraplegic toddler. He is a joy, a goof, mischievous (but can’t get *into* mischief!) and an all around star here at our house. I’m working on an update on his health, and our lives!

He likes to model. The older two prefer to see HIM model… it’s the reason we have more pictures of him than of the two of them! They will steal the phone to get pictures of him. (This was a mommy shot, but there are so many cute ones that were brother or sister shoots!)


Quietest loves reading to her brother. She is doing so well at reading, her only difficulty is that Littlest prefers to hold the books. 🙂

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