For those who have been wondering where I disappeared to, it’s a rather long and involved story. We were busy in late summer, and that busy-ness culminated in a trip to Texas where we saw my brother in law who is an Army Ranger off for his first deployment overseas. The last few days I was there (J had come home a week before I did, so the inlaws could have a good visit with the grandkids) I started suspecting that something wasn’t quite right with my stomach. Or, more specifically, that someone was affecting my ability to handle smells, tiredness and food. The day we got home, it was confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and pretty quickly after that I started on my typical sick-all-the-time-while-pregnant route.

What were my typical sick-while-pregnant symptoms quickly deteriorated into a much-more-sick-than-I-have-ever-been experience. I was put on bedrest at 7.5 weeks, and because I didn’t have any way to access the internet other than my smartphone (which is a pain to type any amount of text on!), I was effectively cut off from blogging.

Enter Mr. Wonderful (aka J) who bought me a laptop. Not just any ol’ netbook with a tiny screen, he got me the top of the line, 17” LED screen Dell. NICE. I got it today and I must say, I foresee the next few months of bedrest flying by much faster than the previous four weeks have. I’m currently 11.5 weeks, and will be delivering via Caesarean sometime in mid-May.

The other super-cool thing about this laptop is that it has all the newest features in Internet ease. I’m especially taken with Live Writer, the blog application that allows me to import ALL of my blogs into one editor so that I can write and publish directly from my desktop instead of signing on, using the in-browser editor, and having to find drafts etc.

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