In August, Joel’s second youngest sister Em moved in with us. She came out to mostly “help” (that amazing nebulously defined term that can mean anything) us (me especially) catch up on the sleep deprivation, overcome the stress load, and to start to reconnect with the real world. Since she got here, she’s done so much more than just “help.” She has taken over a majority load of the housework, cooking, and keeping the older two on track with their schooling. She’s lead baker (omgosh, so many yummies), and is the built-in –specially trained in all of Littlest’s medical needs– babysitter, and date night sponsor (she is great about encouraging us to GO OUT and leave her with the kids). She and I share a love for the fun, funky, colorful, wild (but classy!), eclectic and strange. She has become my resident Style Expert (expect a full wardrobe overhaul to be occurring over the next year or so!) and she’s happily helped me organize not just my house but my life. She sings in the local master chorale (she is a gifted mezzo soprano), and has reminded us to get involved in the culture our town has to offer. She hopes to go to college and get a degree in culinology (a culinary arts/food science bachelor of science degree program our local CSU offers).
We both love nailpolish (one of my favorites), chocolate in any form, coffee, and sarcasm. In fact, we regularly text each other funny things the kids said, or memes we find on Facebook/Pinterest, just to get the other one laughing. She has further encouraged the kids in their love of music; especially in Broadway and opera (which she sings at our piano so they aren’t just hearing recorded voices), and has developed a super close auntie relationship with them. Littlest adores her, and is regularly quite sad if Aunt Emma is gone for the day (or, heaven forbid, gone for a weekend for a visit to Texas).
I have four sisters, and have very close relationships with my sisters in law (three who are J’s sisters, and three who are married to J’s brothers), but it’s been so much fun having a sister living with us after both of us have reached adulthood!

Em and V

Me and Em at her brother Andrew’s wedding.

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